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Chapter 2 Section 50


(1)  Definitions

[a] North Shore Fire Department. That Fire Department created by an Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement for fire and emergency services, which Department is jointly owned and operated by the Villages of Bayside, Brown Deer, Fox Point, River Hills, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, and the City of Glendale, pursuant to the amended and restated North Shore Fire Department Agreement dated December 30, 1994, and under authority of the provisions of Section 66.0301, Wis. Stats.

[b] Public building. Defined in Section 101.01 (12), Wis. Stats. (2001-2002 or as hereafter amended) as set forth here to mean any structure, including exterior parts of such building, such as a porch, exterior platform, or steps providing means of ingress or egress, used in whole or in part as a place of resort, assemblage, lodging, trade, traffic, occupancy, or use by the public or by a multiple family dwelling occupied by 3 or more tenants.  For the purposes of this section, public buildings only include those residential buildings that are designed for occupancy or are occupied as three or more separate dwelling units.

[c] Place of employment. Defined in Section 101.01 (11) Wis. Stats. (2001-2002 or as hereafter amended) as set forth here to mean every place, whether indoors or out or underground and the premises appurtenant thereto where either temporarily or permanently any industry, trade, or business is carried on, or where any process or operation, directly or indirectly related to any industry, trade, or business, is carried on, and where any person is, directly or indirectly, employed by another for direct or indirect gain or profit, but does not include any place where persons are employed in private domestic service which does not involve the use of mechanical power or in farming.

(2)  Permit Required.  Permits are required and shall be issued by the North Shore Fire Department for all of the plan reviews and inspections, subject to the payment of fees all as listed in subsection (3) below.

(3)  Permit FeesThe fees to be charged by the North Shore Fire Department for permits relating to occupancy inspections, work without permit, re-inspection fees, special plan reviews, processing variance requests, acceptance tests, code or evacuation plan consulting and other permit fees for plan reviews and inspections of all residential buildings containing 3 or more housing units, public buildings, places of employment, and special events are set forth in the schedule of permit fees as follows: (Revised by Ord. 511, 5/19/2010)

Occupancy Inspection                            $75.00 per inspection,

(changes in residential                           except multi-family resi-

occupancies are exempt                         dential buildings shall

from inspections and fees)                    be $25.00 per unit inspected


Work Without Permit                           Double normal fee


Re-inspection Fee                                 $75.00 per re-inspection


Acceptance Tests:

Hydro-test of Sprinkler Piping            $125.00 per test

(two (2) hour test)


Fire Pump Test                                        $100.00 per test


Fire Alarm and Detection                      $100.00 per test

System Test


Hood and Duct Suppression                  $75.00 per test

System Test


Other Suppression System Test            $100.00 per test


Smoke Evacuation System Test             $100.00 per test


Spray Booth System Test                       $100.00 per test


 Special Plan Review or Inspection:

Includes emergency and priority

plan reviews (those requiring                         Normal Fee, Subject

24-hour turnaround)                                        to Overtime Costs


Processing Variance Requests:                      $100.00 per code section

variance requested


Code or Evacuation Plan Consulting:               $75.00 per hour



Plan Review (includes site inspection):                               $15,000 Maximum fee where noted as Cap applicable


Compliance with                                                 $0.07/sq. ft. ($75.00

Fire Code                                                                minimum per plan and $15,000 Cap Applicable to all fees related to Construction plan review)


Performance-based or                                       $0.07/sq. ft. ($100.00

Alternative Design                                              minimum per plan and $15,000 Cap applicable to all fees related to Performance-based or Alternative                                                                                         Design plan review)


Fire Alarm and Detection                                  $0.07/sq. ft. ($75.00

Systems                                                                  minimum per plan and $15,000 Cap applicable to all fees to alarm and detection systems)


Audio/Visual Annunciation

Systems                                                                 $75.00 per plan


Hood and Duct Suppression                             $75.00 per plan



Other Suppression Systems                                $100.00 per plan

(FM200, Cardox, etc.)


Smoke Evacuation Systems                                $75.00 per plan


Water-ba                  Water-based Sprinkler Systems         $0.07/sq. ft.

(new or alter             (new or altered systems with           ($100.00 minimum per

20 or more sp 20 or more sprinkler heads)plan and $15,000 Cap applicable to all fees related to sprinkler systems)


Spray Booth Operations                                      $75.00 per plan


Other Permit Items:

Inspection of Amusement Parks                        $150.00 per site

or Carnivals (with rides)


Inspection of Hot Work                                          $25.00 per operation

(specialty roof operations,

torch cutting, welding)


Inspection of Indoor Vehicle                                   $25.00 per vehicle

Exhibits (excluding licensed

automobile dealerships)


Inspection of Building Demolition                        $250.00 per submittal


Special Events/Operations:

Inspection of Tents in Excess of                               $50.00 per tent

400 sq. ft. used for public


Inspection of Temporary Fuel                                 $50.00 per location

Storage (construction heat)

Plan Review and Site Inspection  $125.00 per plan review of Fireworks Displays

(4)  Fire inspection permit fees shall be charged, collected and retained by the North Shore Fire Department.

(5)  Municipal buildings, municipal sponsored events and municipal construction projects shall be exempt from fire department permits and fees. (Ord. #488, 8/18/04)

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