Village of River Hills
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Chapter 3 Section 3


(1)  Duty of Village Manager to Erect and Install Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  Whenever traffic regulations created by this code, including State of Wisconsin traffic regulations adopted by reference in Section 3.02 require the erection of traffic control devices for enforcement, the Village Manager shall procure, erect, and maintain uniform traffic control devices conforming to the Uniform Traffic Control Device Manual promulgated by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, giving notice of such traffic regulations to the users of the streets and highways on which such regulations apply.  Whenever state law grants discretion to local authority as to the erection or placement of a uniform traffic control device, devices shall be erected to such locations and in such manner as in the judgment of the Village Manager, subject to the approval of the Village Board, will carry out the purposes of this code, and give adequate notice to users of the streets and highways of the Village.

(2)        Prohibited Signs and Markers in Highways.  No person, other than those authorized to erect and maintain official traffic control devices, shall place within the limits of any street or highway maintained by the Village any sign, signal, marker, mark, or monument unless permission is first obtained from the Village board and the State Highway Commission.  Any sign, signal, marker, mark or monument placed or maintained in violation of this subsection shall be subject to removal as provided in subsection (3).

(3)        Removal of Unofficial Signs, Markers, Signals, and Traffic Control Devices.  The Village Manager may remove any sign, signal, marking or other device which is placed, maintained or displayed in violation of this code or state law.  Any charge imposed against any premises for removal of a prohibited or illegal sign, signal, marking or device shall be reported by the Village Manager to the Village Board for review and certification at its next regular meeting following the imposition of the charge.  Any charge not paid on or before the next succeeding November 15th shall be placed upon the tax roll for collection as other special municipal taxes.