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Chapter 3 Section 9

Section 3.09.  PENALTIES.

(1)  Forfeiture Penalty.  The penalty for violation of any provisions of this Code shall be a forfeiture as hereinafter provided, the penalty assessment imposed by s. 165.87 Wis. Stats. and the jail assessment imposed by s. 53.46(1) Wis. Stats., where such assessments are applicable, together with the costs of prosecution.  Payment of the judgment may be suspended by the sentencing judge for not more than sixty (60) days.  Any persons failing to pay the forfeitures, penalty assessments, jail assessments and costs may, upon order of the court entering judgment and having jurisdiction of the case, be imprisoned in the County Jail or the House of Correction until such forfeiture, penalty assessment, jail assessment and costs are paid, but not to exceed ninety (90) days.

(2)        Other Sanctions.  Nothing herein shall preclude or affect the power of the sentencing court to exercise additional authorities granted by the Wisconsin Statutes to suspend or revoke the operating privileges of the defendant or to order the defendant to submit to assessment and rehabilitation or attend traffic safety school in addition to payment of a monetary penalty or in lieu of imprisonment.

(3)        Forfeiture for Uniform Traffic Offenses.  Forfeitures for violations of any traffic regulations set forth in the Wisconsin Statutes adopted by reference in Section 3.02 of this code shall conform to the forfeiture penalty permitted to be imposed for violations of the comparable State Statute, including any variations or increases for subsequent offenses; provided, however, that this subsection shall not permit prosecution under this code of any offense for which an imprisonment penalty or fine may be imposed upon the defendant.

(4)        Forfeiture for Parking Violations.

[a]        Forfeitures for uniform statewide parking, stopping and standing offenses.  The minimum and maximum forfeitures for violation of the offenses described in s. 346.505 through 346.55, Wis. Stats., adopted by reference in Section 3.02 of this code shall be not less than the minimum, nor more than the maximum forfeiture imposed by the Wisconsin Statutes for the comparable offense.

[b]        Forfeitures for parking prohibited, Section 3.06.  The forfeiture for violation of Section 3.06 of this code shall be not less than Five ($5.00) Dollars nor more than Forty ($40.00) Dollars.

(5)        Forfeitures for Other Violations.  Any person who shall violate any provision of this code for which a penalty is not established by Sub. (3) or (4) of this Section shall be subject to a forfeiture of not less than Ten ($10.00) Dollars, nor more than Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars.