Village of River Hills

Chapter 6 Section 8


(1)  PLAN REQUIREMENTS.  The Storm Water Management Plan required    under Section 6.07 of this ordinance shall contain any such information the Village may need to evaluate the environmental characteristics of the area affected by land development or redevelopment activity, the potential impacts of the proposed development upon the quality and quantity of storm water discharges, the potential impacts upon the area’s water resources, and drainage utilities, and the effectiveness and acceptability of proposed storm water management measures in meeting the performance standards set forth in this ordinance.  Unless specified otherwise by this ordinance, Storm Water Management Plans shall contain, at a minimum, the information described within the Storm Water Management Users Guide provided by the Village.

All site investigations, plans, designs, computations, and drawings shall be certified by a registered professional engineer in the State of Wisconsin to be prepared in accordance with accepted engineering practice and in accordance with criteria set forth by the Village.

(2) EXCEPTIONS.  The Village may prescribe alternative submittal requirements for applicants seeking an exception to on-site storm water management performance standards under Section 6.06(3) of this ordinance.