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Chapter 10 Section 1

Section 10.01. ISSUANCE OF PERMIT.

(1) Permit Required.

[a] No person, firm or corporation shall construct or permit to be constructed, maintained or repaired within the boundaries of any street or highway in the Village of River Hills, any culvert, drain pipe or other similar means of providing drainage, without obtaining a permit therefor from the Village Clerk.

[b]  No person, firm or corporation shall fill up any ditch or drain within the boundaries of any street or highway in the said Village, or otherwise enclose it or interfere with the drains therein, without obtaining a permit therefor from the Village Clerk.

(2)  Application for Permit.  Proper application shall be filed with the Village Clerk for permission to do the work con­templated and for approval by the Village Engineer of plans and specifications or other acceptable statement describing the work to be done.  Said plans, specifications or statement shall be attached to the application and become a part thereof.  Upon being notified by the Village Clerk of the filing of said appli­cation, the Village Engineer shall proceed to make an investigation of the premises described in the application and an examination of the plans, specifications or statement attached to said application.  Upon approval of said application, plans, specifications or statement by the Village Engineer, he shall set the necessary stakes showing the position and elevation for the laying of said culvert drainage pipe.  The permit shall then be issued by the Village Clerk.

(3) Permit Fee.  There shall accompany said application for a culvert permit a permit fee of Ten ($10.00) Dollars, together with a deposit of One Hundred ($100.00) Dollars to cover the actual expenses incurred by the Village.  Any excess of said deposit over such expenses shall be refunded and all expenses incurred by the Village in excess of such deposit shall be paid by the permittee.

(4)  Direction of Village Engineer.  All work done pursuant to this section shall be under the direction and supervision of the Village Engineer, and in accordance with the plans, specifi­cations or statement approved by the Village Engineer.

(5)  Conforming Construction.  Upon complaint by the Village Engineer and determination by the Village Board that culverts, drain pipes or other methods of providing drainage installed by private owners within the boundaries of any street or highway are not in accordance with the provisions of this section, the proper Village officers shall, after ten days’ notice in writing to the owner of said premises, requiring him to remove and replace the same in accordance with the provisions hereof, proceed to remove same and cause proper installation thereof.  The cost of such investigation, removal and reinstallation shall be charged to the owner of the property as a special assessment and placed on the tax roll and levied as are all other taxes of the Village.

(6) Building Inspector’s Report.  Upon inspection of plans for proposed buildings, which may indicate driveway, culvert or drainage plans affecting the highway, the Building Inspector of the Village shall make a proper report thereof to the Village Engineer.

(7) Enforcement.  Upon complaint by the Village Engineer, the proper officers of the Village shall proceed to enforce the provisions of this section.

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