Village of River Hills
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Chapter 8 Section 4

Section 8.04. PROCEDURE.

(1)       Preliminary Consultation.  Previous to filing a preliminary plat, the subdivider may consult the Plan Commission for advice and assistance.

(2)        Preliminary Plat.

[a]        Before submitting a final plat for approval, the subdivider, at his expense, shall submit a preliminary plat and such copies thereof as shall be required by the Village Plan Commission.

[b]        At the time of submission of a preliminary plat, the Village Plan Commission shall consult the official map of the Village in considering approval of the preliminary plat; and said Plan Commission shall compare the proposed layout of blocks, orientation, length and width of streets, and such other features as may be incorporated in the plat, with those shown on the official map.

[c]        Whenever necessary and advisable, the Plan Commission may authorize duly held public hearings to permit a variance from the exact design as shown on the official map of the Village.

[d]       After review of the preliminary plat and negotiations with the subdivider on changes deemed advisable and the kind and extent of public improvements which will be required, the Plan Commission shall make its recommendations to the Village Board for the approval or rejection of the plat, including those public improvements, if any, which shall be made prior to the approval of the final plat.  The subdivider shall be notified in writing of any conditions of approval or reasons for rejection, as recommended by the Plan Commission.

[e]        The preliminary plat, together with the recommendation of the Plan Commission, shall be considered by the Village Board at a regular meeting.  If approved, the Village Board shall, by resolution, indicate its approval of the preliminary plat with any conditions upon which the approval is based, and shall specify what improvements will be required before acceptance of the final plat.  The subdivider shall be notified in writing of any conditions of approval or the reasons for rejection within ninety (90) days of the submission of the plat or within such further period of time as may be agreed upon.

[f]        Approval of the preliminary plat shall entitle the subdivider to final approval of the layout shown by such plat, if the final plat conforms substantially to such layout and the conditions of approval have been met.

[g]        All requests for approval of preliminary plats shall be accompanied by a filing fee as set forth in the schedule of fees as adopted and subject to amendment from time to time by Resolution of the Village Board for subdivisions not exceeding ten (10) lots.  An additional filing fee shall be paid for all subdivisions containing more than ten (10) lots.  The Resolution and the applicable schedule of fees shall be kept on file in the Office of the Village Clerk and will be posted on the village website.  (Amd Ord #537, 10/16/19)

(3)       Final Plat.

[a]        The final plat and such copies thereof as shall be required shall be submitted to the Village Clerk within six (6) months of approval of the preliminary plat.  In the event that the approval of the preliminary plat must be obtained from another approving authority, the final plat shall be submitted within six (6) months of such approval.

[b]        The Village Clerk shall forthwith forward the plat to the Village Plan Commission and copies thereof to the Department of Development as required by Section 236.12 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  The Plan Commission shall refer the final plat with its recommendations to the Village Board within thirty (30) days of its submission, unless the time is extended by the Board.  The Village Board shall approve or reject the final plat within sixty (60) days of its submission to the Village Clerk, unless the time is extended by agreement of the subdivider.  The reasons for rejection shall be stated in the minutes of the Village Board meeting, and a copy thereof or a written statement of such reasons shall be supplied the subdivider.

[c]        In the event that the original of the final plat has been filed with another approving authority, the subdivider may file a true copy of such plat in lieu of the original.  The approval of the Village Board shall be inscribed upon the original of the final plat; the surveyor or subdivider shall certify to the respects in which the original of the final plat differs from the true copy; and all modifications must first be approved.

[d]       Upon approval of the preliminary plat, the subdivider shall immediately submit a request for extension of public sanitary sewer as provided in Section 13.105 of the Village Ordinances and pay the fee required by said Section 13.105. The subdivider shall also immediately deposit with the Village an amount equal to 10% of the estimated costs for construction of sanitary sewers, streets, and drainage to cover the costs incurred by the Village for engineering, legal, publication, and administrative expenses on the project.