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Chapter 8 Section 6

Section 8.06. PLATS AND DATA.

(1)       Preliminary Consultation Data.  The following information shall be provided at the time of the preliminary consultation or upon filing the preliminary plat if no preliminary consultation is held, to-wit:

[a]        Information, including data or existing covenants, land characteristics, and available community facilities and utilities.  Information describing the subdivision proposal such as the number of lots, typical lot width and depth, price range, proposed protective covenants, and proposed utilities and street improvements.

[b]        A sketch plan showing in simple sketch form the proposed layout of streets, lots and other features, in relation to existing conditions.  The sketch plan may be a free-hand pencil sketch made directly on a print of the topographic survey.

(2)        Preliminary Plat.

[a]        The preliminary plat shall be drawn on transparent paper or cloth or other material, from which blueprint copies can be made.

[b]        The scale of the preliminary plat is optional, but shall not be smaller than one hundred (100) feet to one (1) inch.

[c]        The preliminary plat shall show the following:

1.  Date, scale and north point.

2.  The proposed subdivision name, which shall not duplicate the name of any plat previously recorded in Milwaukee County.

3.  The name and address of the owner, the subdivider and the engineer or surveyor preparing the plat.

4.  Location of the subdivision by government lots, quarter section, section, township, range, and county.

5.  A small scale drawing of the section or government subdivision of the section in which the subdivision lies, with the location of the subdivision indicated thereon.

6.  The exact length and bearing of the exterior boundaries of the subdivision.

7.  Location and names of adjacent subdivisions and the owners of adjoining parcels of unsubdivided land.

8.  Zoning on and adjacent to the subdivision.

9.  Location, widths, and names of all existing and platted streets or other public ways, and easements, utility right-of-ways, parks, cemeteries, watercourses, drainage ditches, permanent buildings, bridges, and other pertinent data as determined by the Plan Commission.

10.  Water elevations of adjoining lakes or streams at the date of the survey, and the approximate high and low water elevations of such lakes and streams. All elevations shall be referred to the City of Milwaukee datum.

11.  If the subdivision borders a lake or stream, the distances and bearings of a meander line established not less than twenty (20) feet back from the ordinary high water mark of the lake or stream.

12.  Layout, width and approximate grades of all new streets and right-of-ways, such as highways, easements for sewers, water mains, and other public utilities.

13.  Direction and distance to nearest water and sewer mains.

14.  Approximate dimensions and areas of lots.

15.  Proposed building lines.

16.  Approximate radii of all curves and length of tangents.

17.  Approximate location and area of property proposed to be dedicated for public use or to be reserved by deed covenant for use of all property owners in the subdivision, with the conditions (if any) of such dedication or reservation.

18.  Contours of vertical intervals of not more than five (5) feet, or at more frequent intervals if so required by the Plan Commission for land of unusual topography.