Village of River Hills
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Chapter 9 Section 1

Section 9.01    FINDINGS AND PURPOSE.  The Village finds that the passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 has resulted in increased use of the public rights-of-way and increased costs to the taxpayers of the Village and that these costs are likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

The Village finds that excavation and occupancy of the public rights-of-way causes direct and indirect costs to be borne by the Village and its taxpayers, including but not limited to:

1.  Administrative costs associated with public right-of-way projects, such as registration, permitting, inspection and supervision, supplies and materials.

2.  Management costs associated with ongoing management activities necessitated by public right-of-way users.

3.  Repair costs to the roadway associated with the actual excavation into the public right-of-way.

4.  Degradation costs defined as depreciation caused to the roadway in terms of decreased useful life, due to excavations into the public rights-of-way.

In response to the foregoing facts, the Village hereby enacts this ordinance relating to administration of and permits to excavate, obstruct and/or occupy the public rights-of-way.  This ordinance imposes reasonable regulations on the placement and maintenance of facilities currently within its rights-of-way or to be placed therein at some future time.  It is intended to complement the regulatory roles of state and federal agencies.

The Village’s authority to enact this ordinance is pursuant, but not limited to, the following federal, state and local authority:  47 U.S.C.253(c); Sec. 61.34 Wis. Stats; Sec. 62.11(5) Wis. Stats; Sec. 66.0425 Wis. Stats; Sec. 66.0915 Wis. Stats; Sec. 86.16 Wis. Stats; Sec. 182.017 Wis. Stats; Sec. 196.58 (1) Wis. Stats; and Sec. 196.499(1) Wis. Stats.

The purpose of this ordinance is to provide the Village a legal framework within which to regulate and manage the public rights-of-way, and to provide for recovery of costs.  This ordinance provides for the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Village as they use the rights-of-way of the Village, as well as to ensure the structural integrity of the public rights-of-way.  The Village desires to minimize and anticipate the number of excavations taking place thereon and to regulate the placement of facilities within the rights-of-way to ensure that they remain available for public services.  The taxpayers of the Village bear the financial burden for the upkeep of the rights-of-way.  A primary cause for the early and excessive deterioration of its rights-of-way is the frequent excavation by Persons who locate facilities therein.

Under this Chapter, all Persons who excavate, obstruct and/or occupy the public rights-of-way will reimburse the Village’s administrative, ongoing management and degradation costs.  Right-of-way users will bear a fair share of the financial responsibility for the integrity of the public rights-of-way.