Village of River Hills
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Chapter 9 Section 5


A. The Excavation Permit Fee has been determined by the Village to be an amount sufficient to recover the costs incurred by the Village.  This fee shall recover administrative and inspection costs incurred by the Village. No repair fee shall be collected by the Village, however the Permittee shall be required to repair the public right-of-way to Village specifications, subject to inspection and acceptance by the Village, as per Sec. 9.08, Inspection. The Village may require a repair or restoration bond in an amount based upon the Village’s estimate of costs to repair and restore an excavation site. The Public Right-of-Way Excavation Permit Fee Schedule as set forth in the schedule of fees as adopted and subject to amendment from time to time by Resolution of the Village Board for Road and Terrace Work. The Resolution and the applicable schedule of fees shall be kept on file in the Office of the Village Clerk and will be posted on the village website.  (Amd Ord #537, 10/16/19)

B.  Ongoing Management Fee.  The Village may decide whether to implement this Subsection after a study of the applicable fee has been conducted.

1.  Ongoing Maintenance Costs.  Ongoing right-of-way management costs are exclusive of administrative costs.  Ongoing management fees shall reflect the ongoing or long term costs to the Village of managing access to the right-of-way.  Ongoing management costs include, but are not limited to the identifiable incremental costs of:

(a)        maintenance of inventory of items and materials required by the Village solely due to the presence of facilities of right-of-way users in public rights-of-way,

(b)        tracking the existence of right-of-way user facilities in public rights-of-way (but excluding permitting or mapping costs),

(c)        mapping right-of-way user facilities to the minimum extent necessary to indicate the existence of such facilities (detailed map records are the responsibility of each right-of-way user),

(d)       tree trimming due to the existence of right-of-way users facilities in public rights-of-way,

(e)        grass mowing due to the existence of right-of-way users facilities in public rights-of-way,

(f)        other right-of-way maintenance due to the existence of right-of-way user facilities (i.e. incremental costs to plow near poles and cabinets) in public rights-of-way users, and

(g)        general inquiries to the Village related to public right-of-way users.

2.  Fee Basis.  The fee shall be based on the sum of the appropriate incremental costs identified above, divided by the total number of feet of right-of-way occupancy by all right-of-way users in the Village.  The total fee for a permit shall be the present value of future costs per foot of occupancy, for 20 years (and an assumed annual interest rate of 3%) times the number of feet to be occupied by the Permittee as the result of this permit.  The ongoing management fee shall be calculated as follows:  (Annual management cost per foot of right-of-way occupancy) X 15.32 X (feet of occupancy under this permit) = the ongoing management fee.

3.  Fee Recalculation.  The ongoing management fees shall be initially set and may be annually re-computed to cover the costs incurred by the Village in ongoing management of the right-of-way.

C.  Payment of Permit Fees.  No excavation permit shall be issued without payment of applicable fees.

1.  Village Exemption.  The Village and its contractors are exempt from the fees.

2.  Non Refundable.  Permit fees are not refundable.