Village of River Hills
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Chapter 9 Section 8

Section 9.08    INSPECTION.  All construction work within the public rights-of-way shall be subject to inspection by the Village and certain types of work may have continuous inspection. It shall be the responsibility of the Permittee or his/her designee to provide safe access for the inspector to perform the required inspections.  It shall be the responsibility of the person performing the work authorized by the Permit to notify the Department that such work is ready for inspection. The Department requires that every request for inspection be received at least two (2) business days before such inspection is desired. Such requests may be in writing or by telephoning or faxing the permitting agency.  The Village may make or require other inspections of any work as deemed necessary to ascertain compliance with the provisions of the Village’s Right of Way Street Repair Policy, or this ordinance. Any work performed without the required inspections shall be subject to removal and replacement at the Permittee’s expense, regardless of the quality of the work.  Where large scale projects exceed the ability of the Village to provide inspection, the applicant will incur the cost of a private inspection firm. The inspection firm will be chosen by the Village prior to issuance of the Permit.