Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 13 Section 2


(1)       Appointment.  The Village Manager shall appoint a qualified person, who, under the supervision of the Village Manager shall act as Plumbing Inspector.

(2)        Duties and Powers.  The Plumbing Inspector shall have control of the supervision and inspection of plumbing, plumbing connections, drainage and private sewage disposal systems, and shall faithfully enforce all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations in relation thereto.  It shall be his duty to require that the construction, reconstruction, installation and alterations of all plumbing, plumbing connection, drainage, private sewage disposal systems and ventilation, hereafter installed in all buildings in the Village, shall conform with the laws of the State of Wisconsin, the rules and regulations of the State Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations, and the ordinances of the Village of River Hills, and to make all inspections required thereby and in the manner therein set forth.  He may require that the license and permit for any work being done be produced upon his request.

(3)        Authority to Enter Premises. The plumbing Inspector shall have the power and authority for any proper purposes in connection with his official duties, to enter at all reasonable times upon private or public premises and make inspection thereof.

(4)        Forms, Records and Reports.

[a]        The Plumbing inspector shall prepare suitable forms for the applications and permits required in this chapter and keep a sufficient number of each on hand for the public’s use.

[b]        He shall keep on hand a proper detailed record of all the transactions of his office; and shall file with the Village Manager a yearly report covering such transactions, the yearly report to summarize the work of his office during the calendar year ending December 31 of each year and to be filed on or before January 30 next thereafter.

[c]        He shall keep a record of all new sanitary sewer connections showing the location of same, and the position of all house drains, connections, junctions, and other data necessary for the efficient service of his department, and shall furnish a copy of said record to the Village Manager and Engineer at the end of each month in which there is activity.