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Chapter 13 Section 3


(1) Permit Required.  No plumbing, plumbing connection, or drainage work (except the repair of leaks or stoppages) shall be done in the Village, and no person shall install, permit or suffer to be installed, any plumbing, plumbing connections or drainage of any kind or character except leakage or stoppage repair, unless a permit therefor has been granted by the Plumbing Inspector.

(2)  Application for Permit.  Application for permit covering plumbing, plumbing connection or drainage work (except the repair of leaks or stoppages) shall be filed with the Plumbing Inspector, upon a form furnished by him.  When necessary, there shall be attached to such application, a detailed plan showing the work to be done.

(3)  Investigation; Approval.  The Plumbing Inspector shall investigate the application and plan, as filed, and if he finds same to be satisfactory, shall approve the same, and issue a statement to the applicant showing the fees to be paid for the permit requested.

(4)  Schedule of Permit Fees.  The applicable fees shall be those fees set forth in the Village of River Hills Fee Schedule for Plumbing Permits as adopted and subject to amendment from time to time by Resolution of the Village Board.  The Resolution and the Applicable schedule of fees shall be kept in the Office of the Village Clerk(Ord 502, 1/16/08) to-wit:

Building Sewers-From Main to Building,

First 100 feet or part thereof.(Includes water service.)   $25.00

All over 100 feet, per foot                                 .25

Building Drains & Storm Drains,

First 100 ft. or part thereof                                 25.00

All over 100 feet, per foot                                .25

Inspection of Septic Tanks, Filtering Beds,

and other Facilities Thereto                              25.00

Water Service (when not included with sewer)

First two (2) inches                  20.00

Over two (2) inches                   30.00

Failure to Obtain Permit before Starting Work       Double Fees

Failure to Order Final Inspection Before

House is Occupied                                         25.00

Reinspection                                              25.00

Failure to have work ready when Inspector Calls           25.00

Failure to call for inspection and work is covered        25.00

Information Call at Location                              15.00

Fixtures, as follows                                   6.00 ea.

Sinks, Water Closets, Baths, (any description), Water Basins, Laundry Trays, Urinals, Sumps, Floor Drains, Hose Bibs, Bar and Soda Fountains, Refrigerator Drains, Drinking Fountains, Catch Basins, Machine Waste Connections, Acid Tanks, Pumps and Ejectors, Hot Water Storage Tanks and Heaters, Fire Protection Systems, Dishwashers, Food Disposals, Shower Stalls, Sterilizers, Air Conditioners, and all others which might reasonably be placed in this category.

(5)  Issuance of Permit.  Upon approval of the application and plans and evidence that the above requirements have been complied with, and presentation of the Village Clerk’s receipt showing payment of all fees, as above set forth in the approved application.

(6) Administrative Fees.  A non-refundable administrative fee of $10.00 shall be paid in addition to the permit fees for each plumbing permit issued. (Ord. 480, 1/16/03)

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