Village of River Hills
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Chapter 13 Section 6

Section 13.06. COLLECTION OF FEES.

(1)       Deposited in General Fund.  The Village Clerk shall deposit all monies received from license and permit fees with the Village Treasurer, which monies shall be placed in the general fund of the Village, unless otherwise authorized by resolution of the Village Board.

(2)        Fees Retained by Plumbing Inspector.  In the event the Plumbing Inspector shall be authorized by proper resolution of the Village Board to retain all or any part of said license and/or permit fees, he shall make a duplicate receipt for any such fees received, the original thereof to be turned over to the Village Clerk at the end of such calendar month; and the Village Clerk shall keep an account of such receipts and make a report to the Village Board, either annually or at such other times as may be requested by the said Board.