Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 13 Section 7


(1)       Requirements or Procedure.  The following requirements are to be complied with in the opening or excavating of any street surface or other public way for the work contemplated in this chapter, subject to the approval of the Plumbing Inspector, to-wit:

[a]        Notification of Inspector.  The plumber in charge shall notify the Plumbing Inspector at least twenty-four (24) hours before starting any work in any road, street, or public way.  If in the judgment of the Plumbing Inspector, sufficient equipment is on hand for the job to be done, he shall grant permission to commence work.

[b]        Prohibited Openings.  Openings will not be permitted when in the opinion of the Plumbing Inspector or the Village Engineer the opening would be left open over a weekend or holiday period.  Openings will not be permitted between December 15 and March 1 unless special permission has been granted by the Plumbing Inspector.

[c]        All materials for paving and ballasting must be removed with the least possible loss of surfacing material.  Such material, and excavated material from the trenches or otherwise, must be placed where it will cause the least inconvenience to the public.  All such materials shall be so placed so as to permit free passage of water along the gutter or ditches.

[d]       The road or street must be kept open at all times for traffic.

[e]        No more than the necessary amount of the trench may be dug until the slant or junction piece to the sewer is found.  The backfilling must be puddled.  When the sides of the trench will not stand perpendicular, sheathing and braces must be used to prevent caving.

[f]        The paving and ballast must be replaced in as nearly the original condition as possible.  If caving occurs, the street surface thus disturbed must be restored in the same careful manner as though it were an excavation or trench.

[g]        When an excavation is made in the graveled or paved surface of a road or street or the shoulder thereof, the clay excavated must be removed and the excavation entirely backfilled with sand or gravel thoroughly wet and consolidated.

[h]        Any tunnels dug in gravel roads or pavements shall be backfilled with concrete.

(2)        Protection of the Public.  The following requirements are to be complied with in the protection of the public while the work contemplated herein is being pursued, to-wit:

[a]        All necessary precautions shall be taken to guard the public effectually from accident or damage to persons or property from the beginning to the end of the work.

[b]        Each opening or excavation in the roads, streets, or public ways must be enclosed with sufficient barriers.

[c]        Red lights must be kept burning from sunset to sunrise, one red light to be placed at each end of openings in streets, and other lights to be placed at intervals of ten (10) feet.

(3)       Permit Required; Deposit.  Whenever any excavation in a street, road or public highway of the Village of River Hills is to be made, an application for a permit therefor shall be filed with the Village Clerk, and the application shall be accompanied by a deposit of not less than Two Hundred Fifty ($250.00) Dollars or in such higher amount as is certified by the Village Engineer to be required to insure the payment of all expenses incurred by the Village.  Any excess of such deposit over such expenses shall be refunded and all expenses incurred by the Village in excess of such deposit shall be paid by the Permittee.

(4)        Liability.  The owner, or plumber or pipelayer employed by him to do the work herein contemplated, shall be held liable for all damages, including any costs incurred by the Village of river Hills in defending any action brought against it for damages and costs, and of any appeal thereon, which may result from the neglect by said owner, plumber or pipelayer, or the servant, agent or employee of any, of any necessary precaution against injury or damage to persons, horses, vehicles or property of any kind.  (Rep. & Rec. 03/11/20, Ord # 541)