Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 13 Section 9


(1)       Duty to Report Violations.  It shall be the duty of the police officers, Plumbing Inspector or Health Officer to inquire into complaints of violations of this chapter and to report the same to the proper officer for investigation and prosecution.

(2)        Unsanitary Installations or Conditions.  In the event a report or complaint shall be made that the plumbing or plumbing connections in any building is contrary to the Village regulations, or is otherwise defective, or is of faulty construction and liable to spread disease or sickness, or is a menace to health, then the Health Officer of the Village shall direct the Plumbing Inspector to examine all the plumbing and plumbing connections in said building, and to report his findings in writing to said Health Officer, suggesting such changes as are necessary to put the same in proper sanitary condition.  The said Health Officer shall thereupon direct such changes to be made as he deems necessary and fix the time for doing the same.

(3)        Adequate flush for Drains.  No person shall connect any water closet with any drain or sewer, unless means are provided and employed for the abundant and adequate flushing of the same with clear water every time it is used.  Every such closet or similar appliance shall be properly connected with the Village or private water supply system.