Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 14 Section 4


(1)       Office.  There is hereby created the office of “Electrical Inspector” of the Village of River Hills.  Said office shall be held by a licensed electrician certified by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Service in accordance with Wis. Stat. § 101.875(1).

(2)        Term; Compensation.  Said Electrical Inspector shall be appointed by the Village Manager, and shall be subject to removal from office by the Village Manager.  Said Electrical Inspector shall be paid such compensation or salary as may be determined by the Village Board.

(3)        Powers; Duties.  The Electrical Inspector shall have the power and it shall be his duty to enforce the provisions of this Code and all laws and orders relating to electrical installations, equipment, fixtures, and buildings, insofar as they may relate to matters involving such electrical installations, as may be laid down from time to time by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.  For this purpose, he shall have the right to enter into buildings and premises and make inspection thereof at all reasonable hours and no person shall interfere with nor refuse to permit access to any such buildings or premises by such Electrical inspector.  It shall be his duty to require the production of a permit for any electrical work being done or the required license therefor and to make all inspections required by this chapter in the manner set forth herein and as may be further directed by the Village Manager.   (Rep & Rec Ord #537, 10/16/19) (Rep & Rec Ord #540, 03/11/20)