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Chapter 14 Section 6


(1)       License Required.  No person, firm or corporation shall engage in the business of installing, altering, or repairing any electrical wiring, fixtures, or apparatus, or install, alter or repair same, within the Village of River Hills, without first procuring a license therefor, as hereinafter provided.

(2)        Waiving of License.  No license shall be required for the making of minor repairs which may be done without the necessity of having experience in electrical wiring.

(3)        Application For Electrician’s License.

[a]        Applications for said license shall be made to the Electrical Inspector on forms to be furnished by the Village Clerk who shall provide and have available said application forms and said license forms.  The required fee, as hereinafter provided, shall accompany each application for a new license or for a renewal of an existing license.  All such applications shall be investigated and acted upon within thirty (30) days from the date of filing the same, as herein provided.

[b]        All applications for said licenses shall be referred to an examining committee, which shall consist of the Electrical Inspector and the Village Manager, for investigation as to the fitness of the respective applicant for said license.  Before any such license or renewal of an existing license may be issued, the application therefor shall be approved by said examining committee.

[c]        An examination and the approval of the Examining Board will not be required of any person who holds an electrician’s license issued by any municipality in Milwaukee County.

(4)        License Coverage.  The holder of said “Electrician’s License” shall be entitled to engage in the business or do the work of installation, alteration or repair of electrical wiring, fixtures, apparatus or equipment within the Village of River Hills.  The licenses and all work done by the licensee shall be subject to the terms and provisions of this Code, together with such other electrical codes, laws, rules and regulations as shall supplement or become a part of this Code by reference or adoption.

(5)        License Fee.  The initial fee for said Electrician’s License issued by the Village of River Hills shall be Fifty ($50.00) Dollars.  The renewal fee shall be Twenty-Five ($25.00) Dollars.  All such licenses shall be issued for one year, commencing on May 1 of each year and expiring on April 30 following. (Ord. 480, 1/16/03).

(6)        Revocation of License.  Any license issued Pursuant to the provisions of this section, may be revoked in the manner following:

[a]        A written complaint, made by the Electrical Inspector shall be filed with the Village Clerk.

[b]        The Village Clerk shall, within thirty (30) days thereafter, schedule a hearing upon said complaint before the examining committee, and give not less than five (5) days written notice to the said licensee, which notice shall specify the basis of said complaint.

[c]        Following such hearing, in the event the examining committee shall find the licensee disqualified to hold such license for good and proper cause, the Electrical Inspector may formally revoke same.

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