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Chapter 14 Section 7


(1) Supplement to Code.  The provisions of this Code shall supplement any laws of the State of Wisconsin, and orders, rules, and regulations of the Wisconsin Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations relating to electrical installations, alterations, or repair.

(2)  Conflict.  Where requirements of the State Law, the order, rules and regulations of the Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations and the provisions of this code shall conflict, the stricter requirements shall govern.

(3)  Adoption of; Conformity With State Electrical Code.  The Wisconsin Administrative Electrical Code, Volume 2, and supplements thereto, are hereby adopted as the regulations at all times for the installation of electric wiring and systems in the Village.  All work, including the placing of wires and other equipment, shall be done in conformity with said State Code and latest supplements thereto, and in such manner as in the judgment of the Electrical Inspector will not be liable to endanger life or cause fire.

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