Village of River Hills
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Chapter 14 Section 9


(1)       Fire Department Work.  The Electrical Inspector, the Chief or Assistant Chief, or other person in charge of the Fire Department, shall have the power to cause the removal of wires and the turning off of electrical currents, where the circuits interfere with the work of the Fire Department during the progress of a fire.

(2)        Certificate of Authorization.  It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to make any connection from any source or supply of electricity, or to supply electricity to any electrical equipment for which a permit is required, or which has been disconnected or ordered disconnected by the Building Inspector, until a Certification of Authorization has been issued by the Electrical Inspector authorizing the connection and use of such equipment.

(3)        Unsafe or Dangerous Equipment.  If, upon any inspection by the Electrical Inspector, any electrical equipment is found to be unsafe or dangerous to persons or property, the person owning or using same shall be notified in writing by the said Inspector to remove, or cause to be removed, or to make any changes or repairs as determined by said Electrical Inspector, in order to restore such electrical equipment to a safe condition.  Failure to comply with such notice within the time specified in said notice shall be sufficient cause for the Electrical Inspector to disconnect or order the removal of, or order the discontinuance of electric equipment or to subject such owner or user of said electrical equipment to the penalties provided in this chapter.