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Chapter 15 Section 1

DEFINITIONS.  For the purpose of this chapter the following words and phrases are defined and shall be construed to mean, unless the context in which they are used clearly indicates an intent to the contrary, as follows:

(1)  Fill Or Filling.  Fill or filling means the act of placing, setting down or depositing solid fill on land for the purpose of, or which has the resulting effect of changing the existing contour or of raising the elevation of said land or any part thereof.

(2)  Solid Fill.  Solid fill is earth, clay, soil, ground, stone, rocks, broken concrete without reinforcement, if the same does not exceed eighteen (18) inches at its largest dimension, or any mixture or combination of the foregoing.

(3)  Excavate or Excavating.  Excavate or excavating means the act of removing materials such as, but not limited to, earth, clay, soil, ground, stone, rocks and sand, from land, for the purpose of or which has the resultant effect of changing the existing contour of, or lowering, or raising, the elevation of said land or any part thereof.

(4)  Permit.  A permit to engage in the act of filling or excavating on any specified parcel of land.

(5)  Person.  The word “person” shall mean and include any natural person, firm, corporation, or partnership.

(6)  Control Plan.  Control plan means a written description of the number, locations, sizes, and other pertinent information of control measures designed to meet the requirements of this ordinance.

(7)  Land Development Activity.  Land development activity means the construction of buildings, roads, parking lots, paved storage areas and similar facilities.

(8)  Land Disturbing Construction Activity.  Land disturbing construction activity means any manmade change of the land surface, including removing vegetation cover, excavating, filling, or grading.

(9)  Set-Back.  The area of a lot or parcel which is within twenty (20) feet from any lot line.

(10) Site.  Site means the entire area included in the legal description of the land on which the land disturbing or land development activity is proposed.

(11) Wetland.  Wetland  means those areas where water is at, near, or above the land surface long enough to be capable of supporting aquatic or hydrophytic vegetation and which has soils indicative of wet conditions, which are two (2) acres or greater in size. The size of the wetland area shall be measured by the outer dimensions of the wetland area that is a contiguous wetland, regardless of whether the wetland area is contained on one or more parcels of land under single or multiple ownership.

(12) Wetland Alteration.  Wetland alteration means any filling, flooding, draining, dredging, tiling, excavating, temporary water level stabilization measures, or dike and dam construction in a wetland area.

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