Village of River Hills
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Chapter 15 Section 1


(1)      Chapter 15 of the General Ordinances of the Village of River Hills is adopted under the authority granted by s. 61.354, Wis. Stats. This ordinance supersedes all provisions of an ordinance previously enacted under 61.35, Wis. Stats., that relate to construction site erosion and sediment control. Chapter 15 shall hereafter be referred to as “this ordinance”. Except as otherwise specified in s. 61.354, Wis. Stats., s. 61.35, Wis. Stats., applies to this ordinance and to any amendments to this ordinance.

(2)      The provisions of this ordinance are deemed not to limit any other lawful regulatory powers of the Village of River Hills.

(3)      The Village of River Hills hereby designates the Village Manager or his/her designee to administer and enforce the provisions of this

(4)      The requirements of this ordinance do not preempt more stringent erosion and sediment control requirements that may be imposed by any of the following:

[a]        Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources administrative rules, permits, or approvals, including those authorized under ss. 281.16 and 283.33, Wis. Stats.

[b]        Targeted non-agricultural performance standards promulgated in rules by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources under s. NR 151.004, Wis. Adm. Code.