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Chapter 15 Section 7


(1)  Applicability.  This section applies to all sites of land development or land disturbing activities which involve:

[a]  Grading, removal of protective ground cover or vegetation, excavation, land filling or other land disturbing activities affecting a surface area of 4000 square feet or more.

(2)  Erosion and Other Pollutant Control Requirements.  The following requirements shall be met on all sites within the Village of River Hills as described above:

[a]  Filter fences, straw bales, or equivalent control measures shall be placed along all sideslope and downslope sides of the site.  If a channel or area of concentrated runoff passes through the site, filter fences shall be placed along the channel edges to reduce sediment reaching the channel.

[b]  Any soil or dirt storage piles containing more than ten cubic yards of material should not be located with a downslope drainage length of less than 25 feet to a roadway for more than seven days, they shall be stabilized by mulching, vegetative cover, tamps, or other means.  Erosion from such soil or dirt storage piles which are in existence for less than seven days shall be controlled by placing straw bales or filter fence barriers around the pile.

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