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Chapter 16 Section 2

Section 16.02. DEFINITIONS.  As used in this chapter:

(1)        “Alcohol beverages” means fermented malt beverages and intoxicating liquor as defined in 125.02, Wisconsin Statutes.

(2)        “Fermented malt beverages” means any beverage made by the alcohol germentation of an infusion in potable water of barley malt and hops, with or without unmalted grains or decorticated and degerminated grains or sugar containing 0.5% or more of alcohol by volume.

(3)        “Intoxicating liquor” means all ardent, spirituous, distilled or vinous liquors, liquids, or compounds, whether medicated, proprietary, patented or not, and by whatever name called, containing 0.5% or more of alcohol by volume, which are beverages, but does not include Afermented malt beverages” which contain less than 5% of alcohol by weight.

(4)        “License” means an authorization to sell alcohol beverages, issued by the Village Board under this Chapter.

(5)        “Person” means a natural person, sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or association.

(6)        “Sell”, “sold”, “sale” or “selling” means any transfer of alcohol beverages with consideration or any transfer without consideration if knowingly made for purposes of evading the law relating to the sale of alcohol beverages, or any shift, device, scheme or transaction for obtaining alcohol beverages, including the solicitation of orders for, or the sale for future delivery of alcohol beverages.

(7)        “Legal drinking age” has the meaning defined in Section 125.02(8m), Wis. Stats. of 1986.

(8)        “Underage person” has the meaning defined in Section 125.02(20m), Wis.  Stats. of 1986.