Village of River Hills
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Chapter 16 Section 3


(1)       License Required.  No person may sell alcohol beverages or engage in any other activity for which this chapter provides a license, without holding a license issued under this chapter.

(2)        Licenses Issued in Violation of Chapter.  No license may be issued to any person except as provided in this chapter.  Any license issued in violation of this chapter is void.

(3)        Applications for Licenses.

[a]        Class “B” Licenses.  Applicants for Class “B” licenses authorizing the sale of alcohol beverages shall file their applications on application forms prepared by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  Such applications shall contain all the information required by said forms, shall be sworn to by the applicant, and shall be filed with the Village Clerk at least 15 days prior to the granting of the license.

[b]        Operators’ Licenses.  Applicants for issuance of operator’s licenses for the purpose of complying with the provisions of Section 125.32(2), Wisconsin Statutes and Sec. 16.06 of this chapter, shall file their applications on forms prescribed by the Village Board.  Such applications shall contain all information required by such forms, shall be sworn to by the applicant, and sjall be filed with the Village Clerk at least 15 days prior to the granting of the license.  An operator’s license may be issued by the Village Clerk upon completion of the waiting period subject to Section 125.17(1), Wis. Stats and the Village Clerk may also issue temporary operator’s licenses and provisional operator’s licenses subject to Section 125.17(4), (6)(b), Wis. Stats.  All such operators’ licenses are subject to payment of the applicable fees and approval by the Chief of Police or the Chief’s designee.

(1)      Applications which are not recommended for approval but he Police Department or which the Village Clerk determines merit review by the Village Board shall be forwarded to the Village Board for approval or denial and the applicant shall receive a written notice stating that they must appear before the Village Board for review of the application.  The notice shall state that failure to appear may result in a denial of the application.  Application for these described licenses referred to the Village Board may be denied only by the Village Board. (Amd. 09/16/20, Ord #545)

(4)        Subsequent Changes.  Within 10 days of any change in any fact set forth in an application for a license issued under this chapter, the licensee shall file with the Village Clerk a written statement of the changed fact.

(5)        Records.

[a]        The Village Clerk shall retain all applications made to the Village for four (4) years and thereafter may destroy the applications.

[b]        Any person may inspect applications for licenses issued under this chapter.

(6)        License Restrictions.  No license shall be issued for any premises within three hundred (300) feet of any school, hospital, place of worship, nor in any residence district, except as to locations existing prior to the time of the passage of this chapter or when permitted pursuant to the grant of a Special Use Permit by the Village Board.  The residence district and the Special Use Permit shall be those defined in the Zoning Regulations (Chapter 7) of the Village of River Hills.  (Amd 09/16/20, Ord #545)

(7)        Qualifications for Licenses.

[a]        Natural persons.  Licenses issued under this chapter may be issued only to persons who:

1.  Are of good moral character;

2.  Have been residents of this state continuously for at least one year prior to the date of filing the application;

3.  Are U.S. citizens; and

4.  Have attained the legal drinking age.

[b]        Criminal offenders.  Subject to Section 111.30, Wisconsin Statutes, no license may be issued under this chapter to any natural person who has habitually been a law offender or has been convicted of a felony, unless the person has been duly pardoned.

[c]        Corporations.  No license may be issued to a corporation unless the agent of the corporation appointed under the provisions of 125.04(6), Wisconsin Statutes, and the officers and directors of the corporation meet the qualifications of pars. [a] and [b], except that par. [a]2 and 3 do not apply to officers and directors of corporations organized under the laws of states other than this state or foreign countries.

[d]       Operators’ licenses.  Paragraphs [a] 2 and 3 do not apply to applicants for operators’ licenses.

(8)        Licenses of Corporations.  All licenses issued under this chapter to corporations shall be subject to the provisions of 125.04(6) Wisconsin Statutes.

(9)        Licenses Not Valid Until Fees Paid.  No license under this chanter may be delivered to the applicant until the applicant files with the Village Clerk a receipt showing payment of the license fee to the Village Treasurer.

(10)      License Framed, Posted.

[a]        Frame.  License issued under this chapter shall be enclosed in a frame having a transparent front which allows the license to be clearly read.

[b]        Display.  All licenses shall be conspicuously displayed for public inspection at all times in the room or place where the activity subject to licensure is carried on.

(11)      Expiration Dates.  Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, licenses issued under this chapter shall expire on June 30th of each year.

(12)      License Transfers.

[a]        Class “B” licenses issued under this chapter shall be transferable only in strict accordance with the provisions of 125.04(12), Wisconsin Statutes.

[b]       operators’ licenses are not transferable.

(13)      Exceptions.  All requirements of this chapter as to licenses are subject to the exceptions provided in 125.06, Wisconsin Statutes.

(14)      Fees.  The fees for the issuance of licenses under this chapter shall be as set forth in the schedule of fees as adopted and subject to amendment from time to time by Resolution of the Village Board.  The Resolution and the applicable schedule of fees shall be kept on file in the Office of the Village Clerk and will be posted on the village website.  (Amd Ord #537, 10/16/19)