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Chapter 16 Section 5


[a]        In this section:

1.  “Motor vehicle” means a motor vehicle owned, rented or consigned to a school.

2.  “School” means a public, parochial or private school which provides an educational program for one or more grades between grades 1 and 12 and which is commonly known as an elementary school, middle school, junior high school, senior high school or high school.

3.  “School Administrator” means the person designated by the governing body of a school as ultimately responsible for the ordinary operations of a school.

4.  “School premises” means premises owned, rented or under the control of a school.

[b]        Except as provided by par. [c] no person may possess or consume alcohol beverages:

1.  On school premises;

2.  In a motor vehicle, if a pupil attending the school is in the motor vehicle; or

3.  While participating in a school-sponsored activity.

[c]        Alcohol beverages may be possessed or consumed on school premises, in motor vehicles or by participants in school-sponsored activities if specifically permitted in writing by the school administrator consistent with applicable laws, ordinances and school board policies.

[d]       An adult person who violates this subsection is subject to a forfeiture of not more than $200.00.  Sections 48.344 and 125.07(4)(c) and (d), Wis. Stats. provide the penalties applicable to underage persons.