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Chapter 16 Section 6

Section 16.06. CLASS “B” LICENSES.

(1) A class “B” license issued under this chapter authorizes retail sales of fermented malt beverages to be consumed either on the premises where sold or off the premises.

(2)  A Class “B” license authorizes the retail sale of intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises where sold by the glass and not in the original package or container.  Wine may be sold in the original package or container in any quantity to be consumed off the premises where sold.

(3)  Class “B” licenses may be issued to any person qualified under Section 16.03, except a foreign corporation.  Such licenses may not be issued to any other person acting as agent for or in the employ of another except that this restriction does not apply to a hotel or restaurant which is not a part of or located on the premises of any mercantile establishment, or to a bona fide club, society or lodge that has been in existence for at least six months before the date of application.  A class AB@ license for a hotel, restaurant, club, society, or lodge may be issued in the name of an officer who shall be personally responsible for compliance with this chapter.

(4)  Class “B” licenses shall particularly describe the premises for which issued, and are not transferable, except as provided in section 16.03(13).  A Class “B” license is subject to revocation for violation of any of the terms or provisions thereof.

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