Village of River Hills
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Chapter 17 Section 10


(1)       Whenever during the continuance of a state of emergency proclaimed by the Governor of the State of Wisconsin, by the Village President, or in his absence, by the Director of Civil Defense, or Deputy Director, or by the Village Board, it becomes impossible to conduct the affairs of local government at the Village Hall, the Village Board of the Village of River Hills may meet at any place within or without the Village limits of the Village on the call of the Village President or his successor and shall proceed to establish and designate substitute sites or places as the emergency temporary locations of government where all or any part of the public business may be transacted and conducted during the emergency situation. Whenever practicable, such substitute sites or places shall be the sites or places designated as the emergency temporary locations of government in the Civil Defense Plan adopted by the Village, pursuant to the provisions of Section 17.03(2)(b) of Chapter 17 of the General Ordinances of the Village of River Hills.