Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 17 Section 11


[a]        Whenever during the continuance of a state of emergency proclaimed as provided in Section 7.10 of Chapter 17 it is necessary that temporary emergency appointments to public office be made, the following procedure shall be enforced.  The Village Board assembled at such alternate or substitute site as is designated, shall appoint such temporary officers to public office as are required to meet the conditions of the emergency.  Such emergency interim successor to office shall have the powers and discharge the duties of the office to which he is appointed until a successor is appointed or elected or until the lawful incumbent is able to resume the exercise of the powers and discharge the duties of the office.


[b]        In the event that the Village President is not in attendance at any such meeting, the senior Trustee present (based upon the date of his original election or appointment as such Trustee) shall call the meeting to order and preside over such meeting and shall discharge the duties of Village President until the lawful incumbent Village President is able to resume the exercise of his powers and duties.