Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Chapter 17 Section 3


(1)       Creation; Appointment.  The office of Deputy Director of Civil Defense is hereby created. The Village Manager shall act as said Director.

(2)        Powers and Duties.  The Deputy Director of Civil Defense shall have direct responsibility for the organization, administration and operation of the Village’s Civil Defense organization and shall be responsible for the carrying out of the provisions of this chapter, all subject to the direction and control of the Village Board.  In performing his duties under this section the Deputy Director is particularly authorized and empowered as follows:

[a]        To cooperate with the Federal Government, other political subdivisions and private agencies in all matters pertaining to civil defense.

[b]        To prepare a plan and program for the civil defense of the Village of River Hills, such plan and program to be integrated into and coordinated with the civil defense plans of the Federal Government, the “Zone A” Civil Defense Commission, and the State of Wisconsin.  Said plan shall be presented to the Village Board for its approval.  When the Village Board has approved the plan by resolution, it shall be the duty of all municipal agencies and all civil defense forces of the Village to perform the duties and functions assigned by the plan as approved.  The plan may be modified in like manner.

[c]        To negotiate and recommend to the Village Board mutual aid arrangements with other political subdivisions.

[d]       To procure supplies and equipment.

[e]        To institute training and public information programs.

[f]        To take all other preparatory steps to insure the furnishing of adequately trained and equipped forces of civil defense and disaster personnel in time of need.