Village of River Hills
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Chapter 18 Section 1

18.01   DEFINITIONS        

a.  Groundwater – all water found beneath the surface of the village located in sand, gravel, lime rock, or sandstone geological formations or any combination of these formations.

b.  Health Officer – Director of the North Shore Health Department, the Health Department of the Village of River Hills.

c.  Human Health Hazard – a substance, activity or condition that is known to have potential to cause acute or chronic illness or death if exposure to the substance, activity or condition is not abated or the condition of a dwelling or dwelling unit that renders it unsafe for human habitation.

d.  Immediate Health Hazard – a condition which exists or has the potential to exist which should, in the opinion of the Health Officer or designee, be abated or corrected immediately, or at least within a 24-hour period, to prevent possible severe damage to human health and/or the environment.

e.  Ordinance – the “Human Health Hazard and Public Health Nuisance Ordinance.”

f.  Owner – a person who has legal title or possession, charge, care or control of property (including but not limited to a structure, building, dwelling, dwelling unit or vacant land) or as executor, administrator, trustee, or guardian of the estate of a person or property under this paragraph.

g.  Person – means an individual, owner, operator, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, association, municipality, interstate agency, state agency or federal agency or any instrumentality, agent or combination of the foregoing entities.

h.  Placard – to affix a written notice to the main entrance of a dwelling stating that the dwelling has been declared unfit for human habitation.

i.  Pollution – the contaminating or rendering unclean or impure the air, land, or waters of the village, or making the same injurious to public health, harmful for commercial or recreational use or deleterious to fish, bird, animal or plant life.

j.  Public Health Nuisance – a thing, act, occupation, condition or use of property which shall continue for such length of time as to substantially injure or endanger the comfort, health, repose or safety of the public or in any way render the public insecure in life or in the use of property.

k.  Solid Waste – garbage, refuse, and all other discarded or salvageable solid materials, including solid waste materials resulting from industrial, commercial, and agricultural operational and from domestic use and public service activities, but not including solids or dissolved material in waste water effluent or other common water pollutants.

l.  State – State of Wisconsin.

m.  Structure or building – a building or structure having walls and a roof erected or set upon an individual foundation or slab constructed, designed or used for the housing, shelter, enclosure, or support of persons, animals or property of any kind, including, but not limited to houses, apartments, condominiums, commercial and manufacturing buildings, mobile homes and structures accessory to the foregoing uses.

n.  Toxic and Hazardous Materials – any chemical and/or biological material that is or has the potential to create a human health hazard.

o.  Village – the Village of River Hills.