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Chapter 19 Section 10


(a)  No person shall erect, construct, enlarge or alter a food establishment without first submitting to the Department of its designee plans (drawings) which clearly show and describe the amount and character of the work proposed and without first receiving approval of submitted plans.  Such plans shall include a floor plan, equipment plan and specifications, wall, floor and ceiling finishes, and plans and specifications for food service kitchen ventilation and plumbing, an intended menu, anticipated volume of food to be stored, prepared, and sold or served, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) plans, variance requests and standard procedures that ensure compliance with the Wisconsin Food Code.  Submitted plans shall give all information necessary to show compliance with applicable health codes.  Submitted plans shall be retained by the Department or its designee and shall treat as confidential in accordance with law.  Information that meets the criteria specified in law for a trade secret and is contained on inspection report forms and in plans and specifications submitted.

(Rep. & Rec. 07/19/17, Ord #529)

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