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Chapter 19 Section 11


A.  Except as specified in (b) of this section, a permit holder shall at the time of the inspection correct a violation of a Priority Item or Priority Foundation Item of the Food Code, or any item of critical nature within the applicable code associated with license held by that establishment, or if deemed critical by the regulatory authority and implement corrective actions.

B.  Considering the nature of the potential hazard involved and the complexity of the corrective action needed, the regulatory authority may agree to or specify a longer time frame as specified in policy for critical, priority, priority foundation, and core items.

C.  At the conclusion of the inspection the regulatory authority shall provide a copy of the completed inspection report and the notice to correct violations to the permit holder or to the person in charge, and request a signed acknowledgement of receipt.

1.  If the permit holder or the person in charge refuses to sign acknowledgment the regulatory authority shall:

2.  Inform the person who declines to sign an acknowledgement of receipt of Inspectional findings that a signature does not represent agreement with findings,

3.  Refusal to sign an acknowledgment of receipt will not affect the permit holder’s obligation to correct the violations noted in the inspection report within the time frames specified; and

4.  Make a final request that the permit holder or the person in charge sign an acknowledgment receipt of inspectional findings.

D.  As a condition of license renewal, all establishments licensed under this article shall consent to an annual inspection and reinspection. License renewal may be withheld pending inspection, reinspection and compliance with these regulations

E.  Whenever an order or directive is issued on a health code violation which requires a reinspection to determine compliance, one reinspection shall be made without charge in a timely manner as determined by local policy and documented by the Department following the time period given in the order or directive. If, upon the first reinspection, the order or directive is found not to have been complied with and additional reinspections are required, a fee shall be assessed to the responsible party for each additional reinspection to compensate for the costs of such reinspections. Payment is due on written demand from the Department.  (Rep. & Rec. Ord 529, 07/19/17)