Village of River Hills
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Chapter 19 Section 25


A.  If upon inspection, the Department or its designee finds that any licensed or unlicensed establishment is conducted or managed in violation of the ordinances or regulations of the village, laws of the state, or regulation of any agency of the state prescribing standards of health or sanitation, the Department or its designee shall serve a written order upon the licensee, his agent or employee in charge of the licensed premises or the person responsible for the violation, notifying him of such violations.

B.  In extreme cases where a violation poses an immediate health hazard as determined by the Department or its designee or in the case of repeating occurrences of the same violation by the same person, the actions specified in (C) of this section may be initiated immediately.

C.  If a person does not comply with a written order from the Department or its designee, the person may be subject to one or more of the following actions, and/or penalties:

(1)        Issuance of a citation. The Departments’ health officer or any other person duly authorized by the health officer is authorized pursuant to Wis. Stats. § 800.02 to issue municipal citations for any violations of the provision of this article.

(2)        A reinspection fee.

(3)        Suspension of license.

(4)        Revocation of license.

(5)        Commencement of legal action against the person seeking a court imposed forfeiture.

(6)        Commencement of legal action against the person seeking an injunction to stop, abate the violation and/or correct the damage created by the violation.

(7)        Any other action authorized by this article or by other applicable laws as deemed necessary by the Department or its designee.

 (8)        The initiation of one action or penalty under this section does not exempt the apparent violator form any additional actions and/or penalties listed in this section.  (Rep. & Rec. Ord 529, 07/19/17)