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Chapter 29 Section 4


[A] Nothing in this chapter shall be deemed to prohibit any person from selling or refusing to sell; renting or refusing to rent; leasing or refusing to lease; financing or refusing to finance; contracting or refusing to contract to construct housing for any person for any reason other than because of sex, race, color, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, marital status, lawful source of income, age, ancestry, disability or family status.

[B] Nothing in this chapter prohibits an owner or agent from requiring that a person who seeks to buy or rent housing supply information concerning family, marital, financial and business status, but not concerning sex, race, color, physical condition, disability, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, national origin, religion or creed.

[C] Nothing in this chapter prohibits discrimination based on age or family status with respect to housing for older persons as set forth in Section 106.50 (1m) (m) Wis. Stats.

[D] Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit the development of housing designed specifically for person with disabilities and preference in favor of persons with disabilities in relation to such housing.

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