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Pursuant to the authority of Sec. 66.035 Wis.  Stats., Chapter 30 of the General Ordinances of the Village of River Hills entitled “Milwaukee Metropolitan Uniform Building Code,” is hereby amended so as to contain all of the changes recommended by the Southeastern Wisconsin Uniform Building Code Commission under date of January 8, 1969 and January 14, 1970.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Uniform Building Code, as so amended, shall be treated and considered as Chapter 30 of the General Ordinances of the Village of River Hills.

A copy of the Southeastern Wisconsin Uniform Building Code, as amended, and as adopted by the Village of River Hills, shall be permanently on file and open to public inspection in the office of the Village Clerk.

The Building Code of the Village of River Hills, Chapter 30 of The General Ordinances of the Village, is hereby amended in the manner and in the form set forth in the attachments to this Ordinance and the said attachments are made a part of this Ordinance as though set forth herein in full.

The code changes are as follows:

Detail A – Drawing changed to show 7′-6″ ceiling height per Section 30.15(6)(a).

Page 3 – Section 30.05(4) changed “Industrial Commission” to “Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations.”

Page 12 – Section 30.15(7) numbered existing paragraph (a) and added (b) “Windows shall be provided in all basements having a minimum operable total area of not less than one (l) per cent of the basement floor area, excluding crawl space area.”

Page 12 – Section 30.15 (8) Added “Landings, Platforms, Roof Decks” to heading.


Page 12 – Section 30.15(8)(b) to read “All stairway landings, platforms, roof decks or similar elevations or depressions more than two (2) feet above or below adjacent grade or floor level shall have a guard rail on the open sides thereof, at least thirty-two (32″) inches in height with an intermediate rail at midheight, or vertical rails at eleven (11″) inches maximum spacing on center.”

Page 14 – Section 30.18(1)(a) the words “the frost line of” were deleted in second paragraph.

Page 15 – Section 30.19(3)(b) Added to paragraph “Except pilasters shall not be required in poured monolithic plain or reinforced concrete foundation wall of buildings.”

Page 16 – Section 30.20(2)(c) & (d).  Paragraphs [c]and [d] deleted and [c] created to read, “All hollow concrete masonry units and all hollow tile shall conform to the provisions of Ind. 53.06 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.”

Page 16 – Section 30.21(2)(c) to read “Where the floor level within the foundation wall is below the outside grade, drain tile shall be provided around the exterior of the walls, and connected to the house drain tile.”

Page 18 – Section 30.25 add at end of first sentence “or design to produce a minimum compressive strength of 3,000 pounds per square inch at 28 days.”

Page 19 – Section 30.29(2)(a) changed “Industrial Commission” to “Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations.”

Page 19 – Section 30.29(2)(b) changed line load for floor joists to 40 psi.

Page 22 – Section 30.32(2)(b) changed “leveled” to “beveled.”

Page 30 – Section 30.36(4)(e) “Page X-4” deleted.

Page 37 – Section 30.42(2) changed “imperative” to “inoperative.”

Page 38 – Section 30.42(6)(c) changed “30.38(4)(a)7” to “30.36 (6)(b)7 & 8”.

Page 41 – Table No. 1(F) changed “$3.00 minimum” to “$5.00 minimum.”

Page 41 – Table No. 2 changed “Page IV-1” to “Page 11” and changed “See Section IV-4” to “See Section 30.15(9)(d).”

Page 42 – Table No. 3 changed “6 x 12” to “6 in 12” in Slope heading, and changed footnote (1) to “40 lbs. per sq. ft.”

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