Village of River Hills
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Chapter 30 Section 05 (c)

Section 30.05(2)[c] EROSION CONTROL REQUIREMENTS.  All applications for building permits shall also contain the following information, and all building permits shall be subject to the following requirements:

1.  An erosion control plan statement with a simple map shall be submitted to describe the area to be disturbed and the erosion control measures to be employed. The statement shall also give the proposed site development schedule.

2.  Provision shall be made for water being pumped from the site during construction, indicating measures to be used for control of runoff.

3.  Filter fences, straw bales or equivalent control measures shall be placed along all sideslope and downslope sides of the construction site. If a channel or area of concentrated runoff passes through the site, filter fences shall be placed along the channel edges to reduce sediment reaching the channel.

4.  Approval of the erosion control plan by the Village Engineer, and installation of all erosion control measures, shall be in place prior to any clearing or excavation within the site. The Village may place an immediate stop-work order on the project if no permit has been given, or if the permittee does not comply with the approved plan.

5.  If the area to be disturbed during construction of the building or buildings exceeds 10,000 square feet, the requirements of Chapter 15 of the General Ordinances of the Village shall apply.