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Chapter 30 Section 17 (1) [d]

Section 30.17(1)[d]    Whenever an excavation or foundation for building purposes has remained open for a period of 30 days with no work having been done at the site for said period, the Building Inspector shall serve a notice upon the owner of the property that work at the site be commenced forthwith or that the excavation be filled to grade.  The order shall be served upon the owner or his agent and upon the holder of any encumbrance of record as provided in 66.05 Wisconsin Statutes.  If the owner fails to comply with the order within 15 days after service thereof, upon him, the Building Inspector shall cause the excavation to be filled to grade and the cost charged against the real estate as a special charge as provided by Section 66.05(2) Statutes.  In addition to filling the excavation, any person who violates this section is subject to the provisions of 30.49.

Subsection [c] of Section 30.19 (2) of Chapter 30 of the General Ordinances of the Village of River Hills is hereby repealed.