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Chapter 31 Section 7

Section 31.07. FEES.

(1)        Administrative Fees. A non-refundable administrative fee as listed below shall be paid in addition to the permit and inspection fees:

(A) Permits for new construction of a building:                     $200.00

(B) Permits for additions of over 500 square feet:                 $150.00

(C) Permits for additions of 500 square feet or under,           $100.00

and remodeling or alterations over $20,000 in value:

(D) All other building permits:                                               $25.00

(E) Heating and air conditioning permits:                              $10.00

(2)        Permit and Inspection Fees:  The applicable building permit and inspection fees shall be the Wisconsin Uniform Building Code schedule of fees, except as modified in a schedule of fees adopted by Resolution of the Village Board.  The fees shall be applicable upon adoption of the Resolution of the Village Board approving the schedule of fees.  The applicable schedule of fees and the Resolution adopting the fees shall be kept on file in the Office of the Village Clerk.  (Rep. & Rec. Ord. 491, 1/18/05)


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