Village of River Hills
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

Building Board Minutes 04/17/17

Members present: Steve Simon (Chairman), Susan Muggli, Inge Plautz, Walt Nielsen, Ray Juehring, Vic Harding, and Chris Meisel.

1. Approval of minutes from the March 20, 2017 meeting: Motion by Nielsen/Juehring to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

2. Discussion/action on the installation of a front entry at the Bernstein residence, 7715 N River Rd.

a. Rory the architect from Fein Designs present
b. Cedar trim and stucco colors to match existing (tan and brown)
c. Lowering of window on the west side of the front of the home to match the size and height of the window on the east side of the front of the home
d. Standing seam metal roof system on new entry cover – color brown
e. Refinishing of current entry door – color brown

Motion by Harding/Muggli to approve as submitted but subject to submission of lighting fixture for approval at a later date. Motion carried unanimously.

3. Discussion/action on construction of detached garage at the Pyles residence, 8500 N Green Bay Ct.

a. Homeowner Robert Pyles and Engineer Matt Soiney present

Motion by Harding/Meisel to holdover until a next month due to a variance issue and possible redesign of the garage. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Discussion/action on the installation of a service entry gate at the Baumgartner residence, 2280 W Dean.

a. Caretaker Bob, Architects Eric Slave and Tyler Blake present
b. Brick for construction of wall to match existing portion of wall
c. Steel light fixture to be custom made to match existing lamp
d. Solid wood gate – color cashmere to match existing trim of service building
e. Iron hinges – color black

Motion by Meisel/Juehring to approve. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Discussion/action on entrance ramp that has already been installed at the Randle River Hills property, 1820 W Brown Deer Rd. This item is carried over from the February 2017 meeting due to further clarification on what a temporary /permanent structure is.

a. No action taken due to item not to be discussed.

6. Additional comments from the public: None.

7. Adjourn

a. Motion by Muggli/Plautz to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.