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COE Agenda 01/17/17

• Wright Property River Bank Restoration

o Chris – Summary of Plans & review documents

 Activity on site?
 Discussion & Comments from the COE?

o What should be the BOT & COE follow up to insure compliance?

• 2017 Arbor Day and IMBD Day Planning Status –

o Choose date NOW – – September 9th or 16th?

 (9th best for me)

o Contact Polly Morris and LSG ASAP

• River Hills Review Update and Future scheduling

o Linda – can you continue update & continue to help with COE articles to the RH Review?

 Jan = LFB review
 February 2017 = No submissions
 March 2017 = Darlene Lochbihler (finished0 on Viburnum pests
 April 2017 = ?? volunteers
 May 2017 =
 June 2017 =
 July

• Meeting time and Schedule for 2017

o Meeting at 4:00PM please all try to make them!!
o Who can run the March Meeting for me? I will be in Tasmania!!
o Schedule for this year & Next – put in your calendars now

 Tentative schedule for 2016 – 2017
 January
 March
 May
 July
 August**
 September Event
 November
 ? (as needed)

• ****Discussion and comments for the board decision chart from the BOT/Steve Anderson,

o Who can attend BOT Meeting with our response?

• Fred’s letter and Mustafa response,
• Training for Shorelines in WI

o Andy – update and comments…should we suggest to BOT that Chris or one of the BOT attend? WI does have a certification program for shoreline restoration. Here’s the web page: goal is to eventually have at least two certified landscape contractors in every WI county, however anyone with an interest in natural landscaping is welcome to the training, professionals and property owners alike.


Phone: (414) 352-8213
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7650 N. Pheasant Lane