Village of River Hills
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Chapter 7 Section 6

SECTION      7.0600 SIGNS           

7.0601 GENERAL It shall be unlawful to build, erect, and maintain, or permit to be built, erected and maintained upon any public or private lands within the Village of River Hills, any sign as herein defined, except as permitted in this Section.


A.  The Following Signs are permitted without a permit on public property:

1.  Signs that are owned by the Village of River Hills.

2.  Traffic control and directional signs.

3.  Signs identifying private roads.

4.  Signs on mailboxes and newspaper receptacles.

B.  A Place of Worship or School within the Village may be allowed to erect and maintain one directional sign upon public property with a permit, provided that:

1.  The directional sign may only be located in the right-of-way along State Trunk Highway No. 100 (West Brown Deer Road), State Trunk Highway No. 57 (North Green Bay Road), West Good Hope Road, and Interstate Highway I-43.

2.  The sign shall not exceed 5 square feet in size.

3.  Written consent of the governmental body having jurisdiction over the applicable road or highway shall accompany the application for a permit.

4.  The sign shall be maintained in good order and repair.  In the event the Village Manager determines that the sign is not being maintained in good order and repair, or that the sign has been abandoned, he may serve a written notice upon the owner of the sign to repair or remove the sign within 30 days and, upon failure of the owner to comply with that order, the Village may remove the sign and assess the costs of doing so to the owner.

7.0603 PERMIT APPLICATION.  The sign permit required in Subsection 7.0602 shall be applied for, submitted, and issued or denied in accordance with the following procedure:

A.  The Application for Permit shall be obtained from the Village Clerk’s office.

B.  The Applicant Shall submit a drawing, photograph or other plans to show the actual design, color, dimensions, and proposed location of the directional sign.

C.  The Village Building Code shall be applicable and the sign shall be considered a structure, and therefore the application shall be referred to the Village Building Board. In addition, the application for the permit shall be referred to the Village Manager for a determination of whether the location of the sign would constitute a hazard or danger to traffic or pedestrians.

D.  If the Building Board, Village Manager, and the Building Inspector approve the application, the permit shall be issued.


A.  The Following Signs are permitted without a permit on private property:

1.  Signs offering real estate for sale or rent.

2.  Signs identifying the name of the owner or occupant of any land or dwelling in the Village, or the name of any estate, provided that such signs shall not exceed one and one-half (1 ½) square feet in size. The size limit shall be determined by measuring the largest side of a two-sided sign.

3.  Signs displaying the words “No Trespassing,” “No Solicitors,” and signs warning of dangerous or hazardous conditions.

4.  Signs advising of the existence of security systems.

5.  Signs identifying private roads.

6.  Political signs, except as provided in Section 12.04, Wisconsin Statutes.

7.  Neighborhood watch signs that have been approved by the Village Manager.

B.  Special Event Signs, cards or notices are permitted with a permit on private property in accordance with the following:

1.  Special events for which cards, signs, or notices may be erected are:

a.  Events taking place on residential property which are accessory uses customarily incidental to the principal use of the premises;

b.  Events taking place on lands being used under a Special Use Permit which events are authorized uses pursuant to the Special Use Permit in effect;

c.  Events taking place on lands being used as a non-conforming use which are permitted uses by virtue of the non-conforming rights in existence for the subject premises.

2.  Special event cards, signs, or notices may be erected on private property, with the written consent of the owner or occupant of the property, for the purpose of providing information concerning special events taking place within the Village and the location of the special event.

3.  No special event card, sign, or notice shall be erected or maintained within the Village unless a special event sign permit is obtained from the Village Clerk upon the payment of a fee of Two Dollars ($2.00) per day for each card, sign, or notice, with a minimum fee of Ten Dollars ($10.00) per special event.  No more than 1 such card, sign, or notice shall be placed on any one parcel of land, and no more than a total of 5 such cards, signs, or notices shall be permitted per special event.  No such card, sign, or notice shall be artificially illuminated.

4.  Each special event sign permit shall limit the period of time for the erection and maintenance of such cards, signs, or notices, and in no event shall any permit be valid for a period of time in excess of 10 days from the date of the permit. All cards, signs, or notices shall be removed within 24 hours after the expiration of the permit.  Each such permit shall specifically identify the location or locations at which the card, sign, or notice is to be erected, and the name of the owner or occupant of the premises who has given the written consent.

7.0605 SIZE OF SIGNS. No sign located on private property shall exceed 6 square feet in size. This subsection does not apply to political or directional signs as permitted under Subsections 7.0604.A.6 and 7.0602.B., nor shall it apply to signs allowed under a Special Use Permit pursuant to 7.0804. (Ord#498, 7/19/06)