Village of River Hills

Chapter 7 Section 9


 7.0901 ESTABLISHMENT AND PURPOSE There is hereby established a Building Board for the Village of River Hills for the purpose of maintaining and preserving the character of the Village, consistent with the intent of this Ordinance and in accordance with the comprehensive plan adopted by the Village to protect property within the Village on which buildings or structures are constructed, altered, relocated or added to, and to protect real estate within the Village from reduction or destruction of value.

7.0902 INTENT In order to promote the general welfare, good order, and prosperity of the Village of River Hills and to promote the purpose stated in Subsection 7.0901, it is the intent of this Section to regulate the exterior design, location and orientation of the following:

A.  All New Buildings or structures erected within the Village;

B.  Existing Buildings or structures proposed to be moved to a new location; and

C.  Structural Alterations or Additions to existing buildings or structures, and construction of any hill, mound, or berm exceeding 4 feet in height, to ensure that all such construction, relocations, alterations or additions will be in keeping with the traditional character of the Village, to avoid extreme styles or architectural features which would clash with the aesthetic architecture in the neighborhood, or which would be offensive to good taste, and to require adherence to sound, well-recognized aesthetic standards of building construction, and overall appearance of the lands within the Village.

7.0903 MEMBERSHIP Such Board shall consist of 9 members, residents of the Village, who shall be appointed by the Village President, subject to approval of the Village Board.

A.  Terms Shall be for Staggered 3-year periods.

B.  The Board shall elect its Chair.

C.  The Village Manager, or his designee, shall act as secretary.

D.  The Members shall be chosen by reason of such qualifications that are best suited to enable such member to carry out the purposes and intent of this Ordinance.

E.  Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term in the same manner as appointments for the full term.


A.  Meetings shall be held at the call of the Chair.

B.  Minutes of the proceedings and a record of all actions shall be kept by the secretary, or other designated person, showing the vote of each member upon each question, reasons for the Board’s determination, and its finding of facts. These records shall be immediately filed in the office of the Village Clerk and shall be a public record.

C.  The Concurring Vote of a majority of those present shall be necessary to make any determination, decision or interpretation.

7.0905 FINDINGS.  Findings of the Building Board shall be based on the following review criteria:

A.  Structural Alterations or Additions which materially change the exterior appearance of existing buildings or structures, shall be aesthetically compatible with the existing building or structure.

B.  The Building Board shall have the right to refuse to approve applications for permits where the exterior architectural plan, style or design of the building, structure, or hill, mound or berm, which is proposed to be constructed or structurally altered, is not desirable for aesthetic or other sound reasons, including, but not limited to, the suitability of the proposed building, structure, or hill, mound, or berm, and of the materials of which it is to be built, to the site upon which it is located or to be located, the harmony thereof with the surroundings, including developed and undeveloped lands, the effect of the building, structure, or hill, mound, or berm, on the outlook from the adjacent or neighboring properties, or the effect of the proposed building, structure, or hill, mound or berm, as constructed or as altered, upon the value of other properties in the area.

C.  No Permit for any building, structure, hill, mound, or berm for which a permit is required shall be issued by the Building Inspector or Village Engineer unless it has been found as fact by the Board after considering the site of the building, structure, hill, mound or berm, and the area of the Village wherein the same is proposed to be located, and examining the application papers and all information submitted in support thereof, that the exterior architectural appeal and functional plan of the building, structure, hill, mound, or berm, are in harmony with the purpose and intent of this Ordinance and will promote the general welfare, good order and prosperity of the Village, and will maintain and preserve the character of the Village.


A.  Application for Building Permit. The Building Inspector shall submit all applications for a building permit requiring approval of the Building Board, to the Board at a regular or special meeting thereof.  The application shall include the exterior architectural plan, style or design and layout of the building or structure proposed to be constructed, structurally altered or added to, including the grounds upon which the building or structure is or will be located. The application shall be supplemented so as to include the location of the building or structure upon the lands, the exterior elevations, building materials, and a rendering of the front elevation of the building or structure; except that the Building Board may waive any of these requirements when the Building Inspector determines that the application for a building permit involves minor alterations or repairs or when the Building Board determines that it is not necessary to carry out the purpose or intent of this ordinance.  The rendering shall be drawn using a scale not less than one-fourth (1/4) inch equals one foot, and shall be completed in color depicting in detail the true colors and shades of color of all of the exterior features.  The colors depicted in the rendering shall not be changed after the Building Board approves the issuance of the building permit.  (Am. Ord# 508, 4/22/09)

B.  Application for Hill, Mound or Berm Permit. The Village Engineer shall refer all applications for a permit to construct a hill, mound, or berm exceeding 4 feet in height, requiring approval of the Building Board, to the Building Board at a regular or special meeting thereof.

C.  Landscaping and Drainage. With the application for a building permit or hill, mound, or berm permit, the following shall be provided:

1.  A drainage plan for the site satisfactory to the Village Engineer.

2.  A landscape plan (2 copies) or evidence of existing landscaping for alterations repairs or minor structures that is satisfactory to the Building Board.  The plan shall contain the following information:

a.  The species, size, and location of trees, shrubs and ground cover plants;

b.  The location, height, and side slopes of berms;

c.  The size and location of lighting, fencing, patio areas and driveway pillars and gates.

The landscaping plan shall be in harmony with the development and physical characteristics of the surrounding lands (natural landscaping is permitted where appropriate.) Planting of new plant material shall be completed within one growing season after the initial filling and excavation permit has been issued. Modifications to the landscaping design after initial approval, which are consistent with the overall integrity of the plan, must have the approval of the Building Inspector prior to planting. The owner of the property shall be responsible to remove all building materials and debris from the premises, and all finish grading shall be completed.  (Amd. Ord. #508, 4/22/09)

7.0907             APPEAL Any person or persons aggrieved by any decision of the Building Board, may appeal therefrom to the Board of Appeals of the Village.  Such appeal shall be filed with the Village Clerk within 20 days after the filing of the decision of the Building Board in the Office of the Village Clerk.