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Chapter 19 Section 14

(a)  A license will not be issued until all applicable fees, late fees and processing charges are paid. (b)  No license shall be issued to any person that owes the Village for overdue forfeitures, unpaid real or personal property taxes...

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Chapter 19 Section 13

(a)  The Department shall issue a license to each applicant for a new or renewal license that meets all the requirements of this article and has paid to the Department all applicable fees. (b)  If an applicant for a permit to operate is denied...

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Chapter 19 Section 12

HOLD ORDER, WARNING OR HEARING NOR REQUIRED The regulatory authority may issue a hold order according to policy to a permit holder or to a person who owns or controls the food, as specified previously in this ordinance, without prior warning...

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Chapter 19 Section 11

INSPECTION AND REINSPECTION. (a)  Except as specified in (b) of this section, a permit holder shall at the time of the inspection correct a violation of a Priority Item or Priority Foundation Item of the Food Code, or any item of critical nature...

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Chapter 19 Section 10

CONSTRUCTION OR ALTERATION OF FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS. (a)  No person shall erect, construct, enlarge or alter a food establishment without first submitting to the Department of its designee plans (drawings) which clearly show and describe the amount...

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Chapter 19 Section 9

APPLICATION. All applicants must apply on forms furnished by the Department.  All applications for permits shall be made in writing to the Department where the business is located.  All applications all list the true, legal names of the owners or...

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Chapter 19 Section 8

SANITATION REGULATIONS APPLICABLE REGARDLESS OF LICENSE EXEMPTION. Statutory exemptions form the requirement to obtain a food dealers license does not exclude any person handling food for public consumption from inspection and compliance with all...

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Chapter 19 Section 7

LICENSING. (a)  No person may operate or provide the services, food or other products that requires a license under this ordinance without first having obtained a current and valid license. (b)  No permit shall be granted to any person under this...

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Chapter 19 Section 6

OBSTRUCTION OF HEALTH DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES. No person may assault, restrain, threaten, intimidate, impede, interface with or otherwise obstruct the Department or authorized agent in the performance of his or her duties under this section, nor...

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Chapter 19 Section 5

ENFORCEMENT AND RIGHT TO ENTER PREMISES. After the regulatory authority presents official credentials and provides notice of the purpose of, and an intent to conduct an inspection, the person in charge shall allow the regulatory authority to...

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Chapter 19 Section 4

DEFINITIONS. The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning: (a)  “Department or local health...

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Chapter 19 Section 3

REGULATIONS, RULES AND LAWS ADOPTED BY REFERENCE. The applicable laws, rules, definitions and regulations as set forth in Wis. Stats, chs 97, 125, 251, 254; Wis. Admin. Code chs. ATCP 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 78, 79; and Wis. Admin. Code ch. SPS 390...

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