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Chapter 7 Section 11

SECTION     7.1100        CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS 7.1101   AUTHORITY Whenever the public necessity, convenience, general welfare, or good zoning practice require, the Village Board may, by Ordinance, change the district boundaries or repeal...

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Chapter 7 Section 10

SECTION     7.1000        BOARD OF APPEALS 7.1001   ESTABLISHMENT There is hereby established a Board of Appeals for the Village of River Hills for the purpose of hearing appeals and applications, and for granting variances and exceptions to the...

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Chapter 7 Section 9

SECTION     7.0900        BUILDING BOARD 7.0901   ESTABLISHMENT AND PURPOSE There is hereby established a Building Board for the Village of River Hills for the purpose of maintaining and preserving the character of the Village, consistent with...

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Chapter 7 Section 8

SECTION     7.0800        ADMINISTRATION 7.0801   PLAN COMMISSION       The Village Plan Commission shall have the duties of making reports and recommendations related to the planning and development of the Village. The Commis-sion, in the...

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Chapter 7 Section 7

SECTION     7.0700        NONCONFORMING USES, STRUCTURES AND LOTS 7.0701   EXISTING NONCONFORMING USES The lawful nonconforming use of land or water; or a lawful nonconforming use in a conforming or nonconforming structure; or a lawful...

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Chapter 7 Section 6

SECTION     7.0600        SIGNS 7.0601   GENERAL It shall be unlawful to build, erect, and maintain, or permit to be built, erected and maintained upon any public or private lands within the Village of River Hills, any sign as herein defined...

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Chapter 7 Section 5

SECTION     7.0500        EXCEPTIONS 7.0501   HEIGHT The district height limitations stipulated elsewhere in this Ordinance may be exceeded, but such modification shall be in accord with the following: A. Essential Services, such as utilities...

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Chapter 7 Section 4

SECTION     7.0400        TRAFFIC AND STREET ACCESS 7.0401   TRAFFIC VISIBILITY A. No obstructions, such as structures, parking, or vegetation, shall be permitted in any district between the heights of 2 and one-half (2½) feet and 10 feet above...

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Chapter 7 Section 3

SECTION      7.0300       ZONING DISTRICTS 7.0301    ESTABLISHMENT OF ZONING DISTRICTS A. For the purpose of this Ordinance the Village of River Hills is hereby divided into the following 5 basic zoning districts: R-1      Residential District...

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Chapter 7 Section 2

SECTION      7.0200       GENERAL PROVISIONS 7.0201    JURISDICTION The jurisdiction of this Ordinance shall apply to all structures, lands, water, air, and air space within the corporate limits of the Village of River Hills. 7.0202    COMPLIANCE...

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Chapter 7 Section 1

SECTION      7.0100       INTRODUCTION 7.0101    AUTHORITY This ordinance is adopted under the authority granted by Section 61.35, 61.351, 62.23(7), 87.30, and 281.31 of the Wisconsin Statutes and amendments thereto. 7.0102    TITLE This chapter...

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