Chapter 8 Section 3

DEFINITIONS. (1) Subdivision.  ASubdivision@ is a division of a lot, parcel or tract of land by the owner thereof or his agent for the purpose of sale or of building development, where: [a]  The act of division created five (5) or more parcels or...

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Chapter 8 Section 2

GENERAL (1) Platting Required.  Any division of land within the Village, which results in a subdivision, as defined herein, shall be, and any other division may be, surveyed and a plat thereof approved and recorded as required by this Chapter and...

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Chapter 8 Section 1

PURPOSE.  The purpose of this chapter is to promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the Village of River Hills.  These regulations are designed to lessen congestion on the streets and highways; to further the orderly...

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